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Pricing Dentistry Dentonika

Fluoridation-painting 140 zł
Removing tartar starting from 200 zł
Teeth whitning starting from 500 zł
Child dentistry
Filling starting from 100 zł
Removal of milk tooth 120 zł
Conservative dentistry and endodontics
Filling starting from 150 zł
Root canal treatment starting from 150 zł
Traditional anesthesia 30 zł
Dental surgery
Removing teeth starting from 180 zł
Prostheses starting from 800 zł
Implants starting from 2600 zł
Bridges and crowns starting from 990 zł
Composite veneers starting from 350 zł

500+ Happy Patients

3000+ Teeth Fixed

10000+ Dental Hours

3000+ White Smiles

What Our Patients Say...
I have had dental treatments for 4 years now. I had a lot of dental problems...
Root canal treatment and old leaky seals. Now I feel comfortable and I will never change dentist.
- Alex
I recommend dentistry Dentonika. Professional dentist, nice approach to customer, reasonable prices and no queues.
- Karolina
Since when I visited Dentonika dentist I stopped being afraid of the dentist.
- Marek

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