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Onlays & Inlays

What are onlays and inlays

Onlays and Inlays are cosmetic fillings that are only made in large in the lateral cavities (molars, premolars).
They are an alternative to traditional methods that are not able to guarantee this aesthetic end result.
They play in the smallest detail hard tissues of the tooth, most notably of tangent sites and subgingival defects. Traditional methods fail in these cases. They can not reconstruct any furrows of the tangent points and guarantee such as durability, strength and aesthetics like onlays and inlays cartridges. Mostly they are made of porcelain, but they are also popular in the composite and gold alloys version.

The difference between Onlay and Inlay

Both crown inserts have similar applications, and only differ in their surface of the playing teeth. Inlays (cartridges) are used for reconstruction of small areas in the dental tissues. Onlays are inputs used on large surfaces for very extensive defects. The preparation of the tooth under this method differs from that under the filling composite.

treatment schedule

This procedure is performed during two visits to Dentonika dental surgery. Whilst you are under anesthesia we develop a tooth, just like traditional filling. At the end we take the impression of teeth and send it to a reputable laboratory where the contribution is made. We also choose the best match for the color of the fill so the repaired tooth looks very naturally. Then we cover the tooth with a bandage so that it is safe before the next visit. The final stage of treatment is to evaluate the mounted cartridge and in case of acceptance of the chosen color, cementing it permanently.

Advantages of Onlay and Inlay

  • They increase the strength of the tooth by 75% while the classic fill strengthens it with only 50%
  • Onlay or Inlay from Dentonika can withstand about 10 years, and traditional only 5-7 years
  • Very precise reconstruction of the anatomical shape of the tooth
  • Natural look of the tooth
  • The cement on which the fillings are deposited is very tough
  • They are not discolored
  • Hypersensitivity to heat and cold

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