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Rebuilding of Broken Teeth

Restoration of broken teeth

Most of us had a situation in which they feared or did damage their natural teeth. They are exposed to damage for example during eating, sports, or an unexpected blow. Generally patients with broken teeth appear in dental surgery. Fortunately we live in a time were it's possible to repair damaged teeth. It's even possible to give the teeth there normal natural appearance.

In our office we choose a different treatment for each individual patient so we can restore the teeth in the most effective way. Of course this depends on the condition of the teeth

For reconstruction of broken teeth we use:


This is a very flexible solution that allows you to hide the discoloration and mechanical damage. It can be used when the pulp of the tooth did not get infected. Facings can take on any shape as well colors, which make them look very aesthetically.


In case of large tooth destruction and infection of the pulp by caries we use prosthodontic crowns. They increase the strength, shape and helps protecting against loss. The most popular are porcelain and ceramic crowns they give the teeth a natural look.


Bonding is used as a temporary fill and used in the treatment for damaged, deformed, discolored and slightly cracked teeth. It's a treatment that rebuilds damaged or crushed teeth with a composite. This solution works best when the patient doesn't have a lot of time.

Dental implants

Dental implants are used very rarely. When damage to the tooth is very serious for example with a fracture, this is below the gums so it's almost impossible to treat it. The patient must visit a dentist for the removal and consequent insertion of the implant. This is very radical solution but extremely durable. The implant is fixed in the bones of the jaw.

We guarantee that our rehabilitation works and that damaged teeth look natural again. We choose the right shape and color that will last for many years. Our experience, which is connected with continuous learning makes us use only the best composites, ensuring a high strength.

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