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Root Canal Treatment

All there is to know about Root canal treatment

Otherwise known as endodontics, involves removal of infected tooth pulp from the chamber and root canals. followed by enlarging, securing and filling the root canal in order to prevent further deposition of bacteria. Often it is the only way to save a deeply damaged tooth. This is an important branch of dentistry because without the proper channel treatment, prosthetic treatment can not be performed. Improper surgery results in inflammation of the bone in the root area. Dentonika guarantees 100% safe treatments that are carried out by an experienced dentist.

Indications for channel therapy

The treatment is performed when the tooth pulp is infected. The infection maybe even cause minor injury or a tooth fracture is or loss of the tooth. If the patient finds help fast enough it may be prevented.

Symptoms of pulpitis:

  • Pulsating, unrelenting pain
  • Pain while biting
  • Hypersensitivity to heat and cold
  • Ubytek próchnicowy
  • Color change of the teeth
  • Soreness of the mucosa and tissues


Frequent visits to the dentist to prevent pulpitis. The doctor will quickly detect the caries and cure it with a filling.

Why should you undergo treatment?

Often this is the only way to save an infected tooth and to prevent the spread of bacteria in the mouth. Although the prosthetics is developing at a very fast pace and the implants are getting more and more     It is worth taking care of natural teeth and saving them when it is so possibility. Dental office Dentonika cares about quality and makes every effort to educate you on the latest developments, techniques and technology. Channel treatment performed in our studio is painless and 100% safe. Treatments sometimes even take several weeks, but it is not worth the temptation to a quick tooth removal. This could cause the teeth to move in the mouth and worsen facial appearance, and also cause difficulty with speaking.

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I have had dental treatments for 4 years now. I had a lot of dental problems...
Root canal treatment and old leaky seals. Now I feel comfortable and I will never change dentist.
- Alex
I recommend dentistry Dentonika. Professional dentist, nice approach to customer, reasonable prices and no queues.
- Karolina
Since when I visited Dentonika dentist I stopped being afraid of the dentist.
- Marek

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