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Bleaching of Healthy and Dead Teeth

Bleaching of live and dead teeth

Discolored teeth are complex and often cause malaise. It is also a  big aesthetic problem, because for the most of us white teeth are the basis of self-confidence. Snow-white teeth are a good indicator of good health and a sign that you are taking care of yourself. Currently bleaching is the most popular treatment. Teeth change color due to damaging of the tooth glaze which causes cracks where sediments collect and change the color.

Teeth whitening

Treatments in our office:

  • They are painless and very effective
  • The techniques we use are safe for tooth glaze, crowns and bridges
  • They are proved to be effective after the first visit

The duration of the effects depends on the gene of the patient, his diet and his or her oral hygiene.

Bleaching of dead teeth

In our dentistry we also bleach dead teeth. Often the teeth are channeled and they look very uneven. The problem most often concerns the teeth that have undergone endodontics treatment before, but even those can change their color. The process of such bleaching significantly differs from the procedures used for live teeth, where The preparation is administered externally because the tooth is discolored from the inside, so it must be treated as well. Such bleaching does have some limitations:

  • The teeth whitening can wear of after several years and start to darken again
  • Sometimes it is not possible to whiten the entire tooth
  • Any interference of the drill weakens the crown

The dead tooth needs to be reopened aswell as its cavity. The tooth should be secured with the appropriate material so that the bleaching agent does not irritate the surrounding tissue. The inside of the tooth is applied to the insert whitening, which needs to be replaced every few days until the moment the teeth starts to lighten. The last step involves filling the tooth with a suitable composite.

Recommendations after bleaching.

After the surgery, you should maintain proper oral hygiene as well keep the so-called. 'white diet'. Immediately after bleaching the following coloring beverages, coffee, tea and red wine, should be avoided at all time. Also reduce cigarette smoking or even better, try to quit. You have to watch out for hot dishes because enamel is very dehydrated and absorbs all dyes.

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