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Root Canal Treatment

The treatment is performed when the tooth pulp is infected. The infection maybe even cause minor injury or a tooth fracture is or loss of the tooth. If the patient finds help fast enough it may be prevented.

Prostetic Treatment

Dentonika's dental practice is an extremely modern solution for prosthetic treatment that are characterized by our precision and aesthetic result.

Teeth Bleaching

In our dentistry we also bleach dead teeth. Often the teeth are channeled and they look very uneven.

Teeth Sandblasting

Sandblasting is a hygienic treatment that is aimed at the removal of plaque aswell as surface discoloration.

Treatment of bruxism

Bruxism is subconscious grinding and clenching of teeth. In contrast to people withouth Bruxism, the force and pressure of chewing and biting is ten times greater.

Conservative treatment

Prevention and proper treatment are the main tasks of conservative dentistry. Alertness is the key to having a healthy oral cavity.

We're Happy You're With Us

Dentonika is a modern and specialized dental practice, based in Cracow. Our main goal is to perform dental treatments at the highest possible level. We are a well-established team who, through their knowledge and experience, will be a symbol of high quality service.

Some of our services:

We make sure that our patients come out not only with healthy teeth, but also with knowledge about proper care for oral hygiene. We provide advice and tips for daily prevention and recommended products. At present, a beautiful smile is on the scale of gold!

What Our Patients Say...
I have had dental treatments for 4 years now. I had a lot of dental problems...
Root canal treatment and old leaky seals. Now I feel comfortable and I will never change dentist.
- Alex
I recommend dentistry Dentonika. Professional dentist, nice approach to customer, reasonable prices and no queues.
- Karolina
Since when I visited Dentonika dentist I stopped being afraid of the dentist.
- Marek

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10000+ Dental Hours

3000+ White Smiles

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100% Pain Free

No need to worry about pain

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