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Conservative treatment

Conservative treatment

Prevention and proper treatment are the main tasks of conservative dentistry. They allow for your teeth to keep their natural color and shape as well prevent the harmful consequences of caries. Alertness is the key to having a healthy oral cavity. We encourage our patients to frequent checkups at the dentist so we can prevent all the irregularities quickly and appropriately. It is better to prevent a small defect than to undergo treatment which can lead to channel treatment or even prostetics.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases and it affects everyone. Most of us had to struggle with it at least once. A quick diagnose of the problem, reduces the number of severe problems such as a bad smell from the mouth, oversensitive to heat and cold or toothache. If tooth decay only infects glaze, then non-invasive methods could be used that reverse its demineralization, for example; pastes fluorine and fluorine gels. In case of infection of dentin, you have to remove caries and fill up with aesthetic filling.

5 stages of tooth decay caused by caries bacteria:

1. Bacteria destroy the coating and turn it into black bile. There are no symptoms.

2. The second layer of the tooth - dentin is destroyed.

3. The dentine is a very thin layer that prevents penetration by bacteria. in the dental pulp, Dentin destruction occurs very quickly which is an extremely impermeable process.

4. Root damage starts.

5. Bacteria penetrate the bones through deformed roots and destroy them. Usually it is asymptomatic and is only visible in the x-ray image.

Why is the rapid detection of caries so important?

  • We want to reduce interference in dental tissues,
  • We want to prevent drilling, the biggest annoyance of the patient
  • We want to minimize the subsequent complications resulting from long-lasting tooth decay by caries bacteria.

During treatment of our patients we have two goals. The first is the safety of the treatments and therefore are performed by an experienced dentist with state - of - the - art equipment and technologies. The second is stress-free and painless treatment, that is why we work with recommended anesthetics.

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