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Our dental office is equipped with the most modern and highest quality equipment. As manufacturers experts we choose only reputable companies that have repeatedly confirmed their reputations.

The current clinics are significantly different from those 10-20 years ago. Very fast development of dentistry has made the technology used in both diagnosis and treatment do things that weren't previously thought possible. Now a visit to the dentist does not cause fear nor anxiety but must be comfortable and painless. Dentists now have great educational opportunities and improve on all kinds of conferences and fairs. Very rapid development of this area has made it necessary to keep up qualifications and follow modern technology to make the treatment even more pleasant.

In our work to remove tartar we use a ultrasonic scalpel which replaced the milling dental drill. vibrating with a frequency of up to 50,000 times per second causes the stone to easily fall of the tooth and makes the treatment a lot less intensive. The patient feels much more comfort, minimal bleeding and the whole operation is done much more accurate and faster aswell.

Assessment of the condition of teeth and gums with use of our special camera is much more accurate then for example with a mirror. With this solution the doctor can see even the smallest defects and quickly proceed to the treatment. It also makes it easier communicating with the patient, as pointing the flaws on a picture is much more easier than with only words

The grinder is a basic dental appliance that serves to perform basic hygiene treatment - sandblasting. We get rid of the bacteria that are responsible for caries. The grinder throws at high pressure so called 'sand' and is able to reach even the most difficult accessible places.

The digital endometer is used to determine the length of the root canal. the most common complication of endodontics is inaccurate removal or infection with pulp bacteria. Measurement can take place in any conditions of the mouth: wet, dry and with blood leaks.

Dentonika dental clinic has modern equipment and    experienced staff. During the treatment we only use materials of the highest quality. Trust our many years of experience and witness a painfree and fearless treatment

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I have had dental treatments for 4 years now. I had a lot of dental problems...
Root canal treatment and old leaky seals. Now I feel comfortable and I will never change dentist.
- Alex
I recommend dentistry Dentonika. Professional dentist, nice approach to customer, reasonable prices and no queues.
- Karolina
Since when I visited Dentonika dentist I stopped being afraid of the dentist.
- Marek

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