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About Us

Dentonika is a dental practice with many years of experience, based in Krakow. Our main goal is to perform dental treatments at a very high level. We want to use our knowledge and experience to be a symbol of high quality and service. We care about maximizing our patients comfort and a friendly atmosphere in the office.

Our office is located in a safe area of Krakow, which is easy to reach both by public transport and by car. By opening our clinic we aim to build a favorable place for patients. Therefore we focus on building good relationships with them and make sure trust in a very high level. With our wide range of treatments, we are able to meet the needs of our patients and to choose a different, individual approach.

The interiors of our offices are spacious, air-conditioned and cozy. In our lounge we serve hot coffee and give you a chance to relax before taking place in our dental chair. We'll make sure your fear is completely gone before we start our treatment. The treatment will be done by our qualified dentist who put maintains a high standard so that everyone feels comfortable and safe. We work with modern medical devices and products of the most respectable companies. As a result, our treatments are practically painless. We are professional in your industry, so choose for us and our experience.

We work with dentist who make sure we deliver the highest level of services and we are constantly improves their qualifications. Remembering the youngest patients in our clinic, we prepared an offer so that, thanks to the use of modern equipment, the visit to the dentist stopped them associating with pain and dissatisfaction. We want them to have a great adventure and smile back to us.

We make sure that our patients leave our clinic not only with healthy teeth, but also with knowledge about proper care for oral hygiene. We provide out patients with advice and tips about daily prevention but also recommend products. The present of a great smile is worth gold.

500+ Happy Patients

3000+ Teeth Fixed

10000+ Dental Hours

3000+ White Smiles

What Our Patients Say...
I have had dental treatments for 4 years now. I had a lot of dental problems...
Root canal treatment and old leaky seals. Now I feel comfortable and I will never change dentist.
- Alex
I recommend dentistry Dentonika. Professional dentist, nice approach to customer, reasonable prices and no queues.
- Karolina
Since when I visited Dentonika dentist I stopped being afraid of the dentist.
- Marek

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